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All articles published in the JEAR journal have DOR.

The Journal of Engineering and Applied Research has been in publication since spring, 2023 with the objective of turning ideas and opinions into action, developing technology and applied knowledge, and producing questions for carrying out fundamental research in the field of technical and vocational education at the Technical and Vocational University.  On winter 2022, JEAR succeeded in obtaining a scientific license with registration number ... from the Commission for Review of Scientific Journals, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This journal is published two times a year.

Journal of Engineering and Applied Research seeks to publish articles that use the results of fundamental research to reach the true perfection of behaviours, methods, tools, equipment, products, structures, and patterns used in human societies. This research, which emphasizes the link between ideas and practice in different disciplines of the Technical and Vocational University, is based on learnable skills and participatory models and also creates sectoral research. These studies do not take place in a vacuum. Rather, they emerge in the scientific space in search of fundamental research which both influence and are influenced by.

Below are some of the goals of the Journal of Engineering and Applied Research:

• Turning ideas and opinions into action

Developing technology and applied knowledge

Generating questions for basic research

Providing solutions to practical problems

Producing special products

Testing theoretical concepts in real space


Article Processing Charges (APCs)

There is no charge to submit, process, publish and access the research articles. The cost involved in the publication of articles in JEAR is provided by the Technical and Vocational University (TVU).


Respecting the rules of ethics in publications, this journal is subject to the rules of the Ethics Committee for Publication (COPE) and follows the executive regulations of the Law on Prevention and Combating Fraud in Scientific Works.

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Journal type: Scientific

Journal language: English

Frequency: Semiannual

Partner Scientific Associations:

Engine Science Association of Iran with rank A

The initial review period of articles: less than 10 days

Average time from judging to academic admission: Less than 3 months

Arbitration Policy: Double-blind peer review

Minimum reviewers for each article: 2 reviewers

Articles Finder Software: Ithenticate

How to issue a certificate of acceptance and judging: Electronic

Publishing fee: Free of Charge

Access Type: Free, Open Access (Full Text)

Indexed: Yes

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Research/ Original/ Regular Article



Applied Article

Conceptual Paper

Technical Paper

Publisher: Technical and Vocational University

Specialization: Engineering

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